New Hampshire Newborn Photographer | Top 3 Newborn Poses

Hi I’m Jennie and I LOVE babies! Their smell, wrinkly little toes and adorable chubby cheeks just light up my soul and make me run straight for my camera. Although I’ve photographed many different people and events over my 15+ year career, my favorite clients are the smallest clients, which is why I specialize in maternity, birth and newborn photography. 

As a New Hampshire Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, I love to capture natural poses and real details of my tiniest clients.  Between 5-10 days is the optimal time to capture a newborn because they are still very sleepy and SO little. When photographing newborns, I have 3 main poses that I LOVE to get every time.

  1. Simpler Diaper or White Onesie

New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer, Newborn-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

2. Baby Burrito

New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer, Newborn-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

3. Details - Hair, Lips, Eyes, Toes, Hands - GIVE ME ALL THE BABY TOES!

New-Hampshire-Newborn-Photographer, Newborn-Photographer, White-Wave-Photography

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Fresh 48 Newborn Photography | Summer Special $99

Fresh 48 Newborn Photography is one of my favorite things.  The first few days after having a baby are a whirlwind and capturing those early moments can be tough as a mom when you are healing from birth, learning to breastfeed and trying to get some sleep when your baby is sleeping.

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Harley's or Hair Bows...Stay Tuned!

With April showers bringing May flowers here in New Hampshire, I can't help be excited about all of the new beginnings that are happening around me.  New baby bumps are sprouting daily and I am so excited to share this couples journey with you!  Austin has been watching my baby bumps grow for years and always talked about how she wanted me to photograph her pregnancy, birth and her growing baby.  I AM SO EXCITED that the time has finally come for her and Jimmy!

We met on a gorgeous Sunday morning at Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill, MA which is a place near and dear to their hearts (and a photographers dream location).  They have celebrated their engagement here, holidays and now we will continue to go back to document Austin's growing bump as she blossom's into mommyhood. 

Daisy and May (their first dog-kids) were excited to be in on the announcement of this growing family. With lots of treats (cheese) and some extra loving from mommy and daddy we were able to capture these big sisters with their new brother or sister.

Jimmy loves Harley's and Austin is an amazing hair stylist so I can't wait to see if we have a Harley rider or a hair fashionista on our hands.  Stay tuned for their gender reveal in a few weeks!  Here is a look at one of my new favorite products for 2016. 

A DVD slideshow is a great way to showcase your maternity session!  I love the emotion it evokes on my client.

If you want to learn more about the White Wave Photography Maternity Experience for you can view my 2016 Maternity Client Guide which will walk you through everything you need to know about your custom photography experience.  You'll learn how to prepare for the session, what to expect, about the investment and all about your fun client reveal night!

Let's Decorate Your Walls Together!

These long winter months here in New Hampshire have given me the time to really explore what I want my customers to experience when they have a photography session with me.   As a White Wave Photography client, I want to give you a full service custom experience with not only great photos but high quality heirloom products to display on your walls.   One of my favorite ways to display your images is through a Framed Print to hang on your wall.

Give your images the presentation they deserve with our remarkably handcrafted frames. I’ve selected the very best high quality frames. Your images are skillfully framed to preserve them for years to come.  At your Reveal Night I will help you to choose a frame that works well with the portraits that you have selected.  Pair warm, low contrast prints with Toffee Crunch or Rum Raisin (pictured here) for a popular vintage look. Go modern with a Slim White or Onyx frame. Any of these options combined with superior printing and expert framing means your favorite images will continue looking beautiful for generations.

All Framed Prints arrive ready to display with finished backing and hanging hardware and are mounted to foamboard to perfectly fit the frame. Double White Matting is available in a variety of multi-opening configurations, depending on the size of your frame.  I just love this option and so do my past clients!  I can never decide on less than 4 images when it comes to my own kids so this collage works perfect for their photos this past fall here at our Newfields home.

As a busy mom I want gorgeous photos of my kids, but I also don’t want to stress about the process. Jennie managed to make the whole process from start to finish feel so easy and fun. She was awesome with my kids and took photos that truly captured each of their personalities. I love being able to see the gorgeous images she captured on my walls each day.
— Jenny S.

If you want to learn more about the new White Wave Photography Experience you can view my 2016 Client Guide which will walk you through everything you need to know about your custom photography experience.  You'll learn how to prepare for the session, what to expect, about the investment and all about your fun client reveal night!

Introducing the Image Box

The snow has melted, the trees have new buds on them and the daffodils are starting to bloom.  Spring is here!  After a long New Hampshire winter, I am so excited to introduce you to all of the new products and experiences that White Wave Photography will be showcasing this year.

I have worked really hard this winter researching products and services that I can offer to my clients and I would like to start with my favorite...


I am thrilled to offer this addition to your image presentation selection: Image Boxes.  Your prints will be printed on photo paper with a fine linen finish to avoid finger prints when handling the images and will be mounted on styrene which is a super smooth all plastic board that is not affected by humidity or moisture. You can choose a set of 10 images in 5" x 7" or 20 images in 8" x 10” format, and I will design a custom photo cover with a smooth wrap around cover.  Each image box comes with an easel to display your prints. 

This product is perfect to display your "first year" photos, family portraits and seniors.  I love that you can rotate the images out and showcase your prints year-round.  The image box pictured here is full of my daughter's first year photos including each major milestone and the holidays.  You could also store mementos such as hospital bracelets, locks of hair from a first hair cut and even their first artwork.  I just love this product and I know you will too!

Keep up to date on all of the exciting new products and services at White Wave Photography and receive our detailed 2016 Client Guide.



Why the First Year is SO Important

When I talk to my clients that are expecting or have just had a baby and they ask me what I suggest for photos, I always tell them to make sure to get as many as possible in the first year because before you know it your baby will be a toddler! 

With my first two boys I missed out on the monthly photos but I was determined to get them with Charlianne - THANK YOU PINTEREST.  Now, this is not something that I would ask my clients to do with me but it is something I would definitely tell them to do for themselves and leave the major milestone photos to me. 

Babies change so much in the first year.  Charlianne is no different.  Her first birthday is next week and while collecting pictures for her big party this weekend, I couldn't help but notice how different she looks in each one.  You can see when she got her teeth in, when she began to sit up, her curls started coming in and the last images you can tell she is on the move...these were REALLY hard for mommy to get.  The one constant...THAT SMILE!  Man she smiles, even when she is mad at me. 

What do I recommend?

  • Newborn, 6 months & 1 year (at the minimum)
  • Newborn, 4 months, 8 months & 1 year (my favorite)
  • Missed your newborn?  No worries - 3 months, 6 months & 1 year is a perfect alternative

White Wave Photography will be offering some great new "First Year" packages this spring.  If you would like to be the first to hear about these great new offerings and to hear about upcoming model calls* please go here to sign up for my monthly newsletter.  I promise that it will be worth the wait! 

*Model calls are when I am looking for newborns/babies to photograph for my portfolio or marketing pieces - these are done at a discount to clients.